Flo & Eddie File Lawsuit Against Sirius


In August 2013, Flo & Eddie, Inc. filed a Class Action Lawsuit against SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Read more about that in this Rolling Stone article.




  • 7/29/14 12:06 Ian:

    Hope you win – people don’t realize how hard musicians work – then someone steals there stuff not right – saw you in Vancouver Canada – wish you guys would come up here again – and keep saying it like it is Ian


  • 2/1/15 3:38 Gary:

    All the early groups not only deserve this, it shouldn’t even be in question. What do you expect from radio stations that want you to pay just to listen to them.
    I save the money and buy the cd’s.
    I remember christmas 1967, I bought this girl the Happy Together album. She loved it of course.


The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie

The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie