Howard Kaylan guests on Penn Jillette’s podcast

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Penn Jillette (of magical Penn & Teller fame AND Shell Shocked Foreward) featured Howard on his podcast Penn’s Sunday School. Take a listen!


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  • 9/10/13 21:50 Scott Sechrist:

    I was tired of listening to the same old songs over and over again while training for an upcoming race. Decided to try a podcast – lo and behold – the Howard Kaylan interview on Penn Jillete’s Sunday School. Terrific! Went put and got “Shell Shocked” and have been listening and running ( literally) down memory lane three days a week. My first Zappa album: Live at the Fillmore. As I read your book, I decided to make it a multimedia experience and have been alternately reading, listening to Turtles and Zappa, watching 200 Motels, looking up Mark Volman wikipedia notes, singing along to a Youtube of Howard Kaylan at Women’s Writing session, poring over old interviews, and generally re-living 1966-1973 again. We all age, we all grow up (sort of), we all choose a career (or it chooses us – I, too teach at a University, nuclear medicine technology – go figure) . I had nearly forgotten those times 40+ years ago. thanks for bringing them back. Now let’s all sing together……

    Just like a big rock show.

    Scott Sechrist
    Chesapeake, Virginia


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