Shell Shocks for your Ears!

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ShellShockedaudibleThe audio book version of Howard’s autobiography Shell Shocked is now available just in time for your summer road trip! You can purchase it through here.



  • 1/2/14 13:48 steve johnston:

    I watched the video with Howard telling part of his story in the White House;
    the funniest piece I`ve heard in a long time, I wish I was there. I will be buying his book.


  • 4/6/14 11:35 Matt:

    I loved the book. Is there still an outside chance (!) that Howard can autograph it?


  • 11/15/14 18:31 Michael Ventrella:

    As a longtime fan, I really enjoyed the book and was thrilled to do a phone interview with Howard about it. It’s here if anyone wants to read it!


  • 7/26/15 17:50 Alan Arnold:

    I lived the book. anyone interested in Rock/Music history and the LA Scene should read this book. I live by Sherri and am friends with Aynsley so it was great to hear about both of them in a historical perspective.

    What a life! Thanks again for a well written book!



  • 3/15/16 14:56 Steve Thomas:

    Funniest part was when with Jimi Hendrix.. busted out laughing!!! The book really brings your mood up and makes you realize not to sweat stuff just enjoy your life!!!


  • 5/22/16 20:54 Bruce Kielty:

    The book “Shell Shocked” by Howard Kaylan is one of the most entertaining and honest rock and roll tales that I have enjoyed. Definitely worth burying a copy.


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