Shell Shocks for your Ears!

ShellShockedaudibleThe audio book version of Howard’s autobiography Shell Shocked is now available just in time for your summer road trip! You can purchase it through here.



  • 1/2/14 13:48 steve johnston:

    I watched the video with Howard telling part of his story in the White House;
    the funniest piece I`ve heard in a long time, I wish I was there. I will be buying his book.


  • 4/6/14 11:35 Matt:

    I loved the book. Is there still an outside chance (!) that Howard can autograph it?


  • 11/15/14 18:31 Michael Ventrella:

    As a longtime fan, I really enjoyed the book and was thrilled to do a phone interview with Howard about it. It’s here if anyone wants to read it!


  • 7/26/15 17:50 Alan Arnold:

    I lived the book. anyone interested in Rock/Music history and the LA Scene should read this book. I live by Sherri and am friends with Aynsley so it was great to hear about both of them in a historical perspective.

    What a life! Thanks again for a well written book!



  • 3/15/16 14:56 Steve Thomas:

    Funniest part was when with Jimi Hendrix.. busted out laughing!!! The book really brings your mood up and makes you realize not to sweat stuff just enjoy your life!!!


  • 5/22/16 20:54 Bruce Kielty:

    The book “Shell Shocked” by Howard Kaylan is one of the most entertaining and honest rock and roll tales that I have enjoyed. Definitely worth burying a copy.


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