The Singles

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As The Crossfires

The Crossfires

1963 – Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde (Listen) / Fiberglass Jungle (Listen)

1964 – That’ll Be The Day (Listen) / One Potato Two Potato (Listen)

The Turtles


1965 – It Ain’t Me Babe (Dylan)/ Almost There (Kaylan) (Listen)

1965 – Let Me Be (P.F.Sloan) (Listen)/Your Maw Said You Cried (Schlaks,Glazer) (Listen)

1965 – You Baby (Barri-Sloan) (Listen)/Wanderin’ Kind (Kaylan) (Listen)


1965 – It Was a Very Good Year (E.Drake) (Canada only) (Listen)/Let The Cold Winds Blow(Kaylan) (Listen)

1966 – Grim Reaper of Love (Portz-Nichol) (Listen)/Come Back (Kaylan) (Listen)

1966 – Outside Chance (W. Zevon) (Listen)/We’ll Meet Again (Parker,Charles) (Listen)


1966 – Making My Mind Up (Dalton,Montgomery) (Listen)/Outside Chance (Zevon)

1966 – Can I Get to Know You Better (Barri-Sloan) (Listen)/Like the Seasons (Zevon) (Listen)

1966 – Happy Together (Bonner-Gordon) (Listen) /Like the Seasons (Zevon)


1967 – She’d Rather Be With Me (Bonner-Gordon) (Listen)/Walking Song (Kaylan,Nichol) (Listen)

1967 – Guide For the Married Man (Williams, Bricusse) (Listen)/Think I’ll Run Away (Kaylan,Volman) (Listen)

1967 – You Know What I Mean (Bonner-Gordon) (Listen)/Rugs of Woods & Flowers (Kaylan,Nichol) (Listen)


1967 – She’s My Girl (Bonner-Gordon) (Listen)/Chicken Little Was Riqht (Turtles) (Listen)

1968 – Sound Asleep (Turtles) (Listen)/Umbassa and the Dragon (Turtles)

1968 – The Story of Rock & Roll (Nilsson) (Listen)/Can’t You Hear the Cows (Turtles)


1968 – Elenore (Turtles) (Listen)/Surfer Dan (Turtles) (Listen)

1969 – You Showed Me (Clark,McGuinn) (Listen)/Buzzsaw (Turtles) (Listen)

1969 – House On the Hill (Turtles) (Listen)/Come Over (Turtles) (Listen)


1969 – You Don’t Have to Walk in the Rain (Turtles) (Listen)/Come Over (Turtles)

1969 – Love in the City (Turtles) (Listen)/Bachelor Mother (Turtles) (Listen)

1969 – Lady-O (J.Sills) (Listen)/Somewhere Friday Night (Turtles) (Listen)


1969 – Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret (Dino,Sembello) (Listen)/We Ain’t Gonna Party No More (Turtles) (Listen)

1970 – Is It Any Wonder (Barri-Sloan) (Listen)/ Wanderin’ Kind (Kaylan)

1970 – Eve of Destruction (Sloan)/Wanderin’ Kind (Kaylan) (Listen)


1970 – Me About You (Bonner,Gordon) (Listen)/Think I’ll Run Away (Kaylan,Volman)

The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie

The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie